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Community Projection: Carl Pavano

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Carl Pavano (AP)

I want to test this Community Projection/Wisdom of Crowds experiment with a few veterans, and with some pitchers. I know he is not a young player or prospect, but I think a Community Projection for Carl Pavano would be extremely interesting and informative.

I do not have an even semi-operational pitching projection system of my own at this point, as I've been concentrating my efforts on hitters. But other analysts have such systems, and as part of developing my own I want to see how they deal with pitchers, especially guys like Pavano who have erratic track records, or are switching leagues/teams.

So, let's give this one a shot. For Carl Pavano, project Games Started, Wins, Losses, ERA, Innings Pitched, Strikeouts, and Walks. I'm not going to tell you how many innings to assume: that is up to you. If you think Pavano will blow out his elbow and throw just 87 innings, or if you think he'll pitch 220, that's your call.

The only ground rule is that you can't check to see what other systems are showing. Have at it. We'll pick a young pitcher for the next experiment.