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Mark Teahen Community Projection Results

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Results for Mark Teahen:

Minor League Ball Community Proj: BA: .274 OBP: .348 SLG: .418 7 HR
Baseball Prospectus PECOTA Projt: BA: .251 OBP: .322 SLG: .375 7 HR
Baseball Forecaster 05Projection: BA: .272 OBP: .354 SLG: .395 5 HR
ZIPS Baseball Think Tank Project: BA: .265 OBP: .332 SLG: .384 6 HR
John Sickels Experimental Projec: BA: .263 OBP: .330 SLG: .386 6 HR


Community: .766
Forecaster: .749
ZIPS/Tank: .716
SickelsExp: .716
Prospectus: .697

The Community Projection is the most optimistic of all, particularly in the slugging department. The Community seems to agree with the Royals that Teahen's power will slowly develop beyond what he has shown in the minor leagues. It could happen.

ZIPS and my own system are nearly identical, while Baseball Prospectus is the most pessimistic. Home run totals are normalized for the projected 350 at-bats.