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Experimental Projection: Brandon Phillips

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Experimental Projection: Brandon Phillips
AB: 450
H: 120
2B: 27
3B: 2
HR: 7
BB: 31
K: 70
BA: .266
OBP: .319
SLG: .382
SB/CS: 9/6

Phillips is one of the biggest prospect disappointments of the last few years. Some silly people, like me, were making Young Barry Larkin comparisons at one point. That seems unlikely to happen now.

The projection above is the best estimate I can make of what would happen if you gave Phillips 450 at-bats. I AM NOT PROJECTING that he will get 450 at-bats this year. . .this system doesn't work that way. But if he did get that sort of playing time, this is what the system estimates he would do.

Phillips is still just 23, and given a normal growth curve he can beat those numbers in the long run.