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Projections: Harvey vs. Pickering

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Ken Harvey from the right side (AP)

AB: 451
H: 123
2B: 25
3B: 0
HR: 16
BB: 31
K: 88
BA: .273
OBP: .321
SLG: .435
SB/CS: 2/3

Calvin Pickering from the left (AP photo)

AB: 425
H: 112
2B: 20
3B: 0
HR: 28
BB: 57
K: 121
BA: .264
OBP: .357
SLG: .508
SB/CS: 0/0

One of the most watched spring battles will apparently be Ken Harvey vs. Calvin Pickering in Kansas City, for the role of DH and caddy to Mike Sweeney. Emotionally, the Royals seem to have an investment in Harvey, although they seem willing to give Pickering a chance according to public pronouncements. Here are my projections for these two players. I have given them the same amount of playing time for comparison purposes, about 485 plate appearances give-or-take a few HB.

My projections for Pickering are not as optimistic as some people, but he still comes out significantly better than Harvey. Ideally I think a platoon would be a good idea, but if the Royals go with 12 pitchers that will be tough to do. If Mike Sweeney goes down with his yearly back injury as scheduled, both could see playing time.