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He was a young pitcher once

I didn't plan to do this, but due to the reader interest and the favorable response from the Josh Beckett threads, I want to have a discussion for the next week or so about young pitchers. We'll take a look at the best young pitchers in the game today (3 years or less of experience in the Majors), looking for comparable pitchers in the past and trying to get a feel for where these guys may be going in the future. Here is the schedule so far.

2/23 Rich Harden
2/24 Jake Peavy
2/25 Carlos Zambrano
2/26 Zack Greinke
2/27 Dontrelle Willis
2/28 Oliver Perez, per reader requests
3/1 Jeremy Bonderman, per reader requests
3/2 Jerome Williams and Brandon Webb
3/3 summary of the data

UPDATE and SUMMARY: Ok, reading through the thread, we have several interesting suggestions. I don't want to do Johan Santana, Mark Prior, or Roy Oswalt. I love all those guys, but their future really isn't in doubt. If they remain healthy, they will be awesome.

The three most intriguing suggestions for me are Brandon Webb, Jerome Williams, and Jeremy Bonderman. I'm willing to do all three of them, if you guys are willing for this series to stretch out well into next week. So, should we go forward with all three? Comment in the thread.