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Website and Newsletter Update

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Well, is now a week old. I think things are going well. I'm certainly enjoying the process, and we have had some excellent discussion and exchange of ideas in the comment threads and in the diaries. This is exactly what I'm looking for, and as spring training ramps up and as the minor league season begins, things should just get better and better.

I want to thank you, the readers, for making this a success so far. Keep visiting, keep posting, and keep checking out our sponsors on the left-hand side. Every bit helps.

The John Sickels Baseball Newsletter begins tomorrow, February 20. We still have time for more subscribers. . .it's never too late to sign up, as you get any back issues you miss of course. You can sign up at my other website,

For those of you who have already subscribed, we will be sending out a test email later this afternoon. Please respond to the test email in order to confirm that your subscription is set up properly.

Once again, thanks for making the first week of a success.