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Chicago Cubs Top Prospects

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Brian Dopirak with the glove

  1. Brian Dopirak 1B B+
  2. Felix Pie OF B
  3. Billy Petrick RHP B
  4. Angel Guzman RHP B-
  5. Reynel Pinto LHP B-
  6. Jason Dubois OF B-
  7. Bobby Brownlie RHP B-
  8. Carlos Marmol RHP B-
  9. Ryan Harvey OF C+
  10. Sean Marshall LHP C+
  11. Matt Murton OF C+
  12. Ricky Nolasco RHP C+
  13. Mark Reed C C+
  14. Grant Johnson RHP C+
  15. Matt Craig 3B C+
  16. Brandon Sing 1B C+
  17. Bear Bay RHP C+
  18. Jermaine Van Buren RHP C+
  19. Jon Connolly LHP C+
  20. Richard Lewis 2B C
The Cubs system has thinned out a bit over the last two years, but they've shown the ability to recharge quickly, and I wouldn't get too paranoid about the system if I were a Cubs fan. I think Carlos Marmol is a guy who is significantly underrated by many. Ryan Harvey has enormous potential but still needs to tighten up the strike zone. Catching prospect Mark Reed is the younger brother of Jeremy Reed, and should be getting a lot of attention in 2005. Towards the bottom of the list, Van Buren, Bay, and Connolly may be slightly overrated at Grade C+; they may be true Grade Cs, which would put them in the same class with a bunch of other Grade C guys like Rich Hill, and Carmen Pignatiello.
Jae-Kuk "Birdkiller" Ryu has a great arm but questions about his health and personality make me cautious about him. David Kelton is a Grade C in my mind now; he just hasn't hit with the authority needed for a corner guy.
As usual, feel free to comment on this list. Reader input and ideas help me make them as accurate as possible.
Note that the Baseball America Cubs prospect has Jon Leicester on it, but I don't count him as a prospect any more. I think what he did in the Show last year demonstrates his true level of ability.