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Oakland Athletics Top 20 Prospects

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Here is how I make out Oakland's top 20 prospects. Note that once you get down to the Grade C level the choices become rather difficult. You could basically slot any of the Grade C guys (John Baker, Rheinecker, Bynum, Kiger, etc.) in the final two or three slots.

  1. Dan Meyer LHP A-
  2. Daric Barton C A-
  3. Huston Street RHP A-
  4. Nick Swisher OF B+
  5. Joe Blanton RHP B+
  6. Omar Quintanilla SS-2B B+
  7. Richie Robnett OF B+
  8. Jairo Garcia RHP B+
  9. Dan Johnson 1B B
  10. Kurt Suzuki C B
  11. Javier Herrara OF B
  12. Danny Putnam OF B
  13. Brian Snyder 3B B-
  14. Landon Powell C B-
  15. Tyler Johnson LHP C+
  16. Andre Ethier OF C+
  17. Brad Knox RHP C+
  18. Jason Windsor RHP C+
  19. Brad Sullivan RHP C
  20. Ryan Webb RHP C
I haven't done internal organization rankings like this before, but if you guys like it I will keep doing it for the other systems.