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You're the GM! Florida Marlins

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A lot of things have changed in Florida in recent weeks, making our previous You're the GM! and You're the Farm Director! pieces for the Marlins obsolete.

Here is a list of prospects in the Marlins farm system.

Jeff Allison, RHP
Robert Andino, SS
Adam Bostick, LHP M
Travis Bowyer, RHP M
Alejandro De Aza, OF
Jesus Delgado, RHP
Harvey Garcia, RHP
Matt Goyen, LHP
Kris Harvey, 3B-OF
Brett Hayes, C
Jeremy Hermida, OF M
Gaby Hernandez, RHP

Mike Jacobs, 1B M
Josh Johnson, RHP M
Logan Kensing, RHP
Jacob Marceaux, RHP
Brad McCann, 1B
Randy Messenger, RHP
Chris Mobley, RHP
Ricky Nolasco, RHP M
Scott Olsen, LHP M
Yusmeiro Petit, RHP M

Reynel Pinto, LHP M
Grant Psomas, SS
Hanley Ramirez, SS
Chris Resop, RHP
J.T. Restko, OF
Anibal Sanchez, RHP M
Gaby Sanchez, C
Jason Stokes, 1B M
Taylor Tankersley, LHP
Aaron Thompson, LHP
Ryan Tucker, RHP
Scott Tyler, RHP
Dan Uggla, 2B M
Jeff Van Houten, OF
Chris Volstad, RHP
Sean West, LHP
Josh Willingham, C-1B M
Kyle Winters, RHP

Guys in bold face currently are graded at least as a Grade B or higher in my current draft of the book. Guys with an "M" designator are within a year of being ready for major league action.

This is a big conglomeration of talent. If you were the Marlins, which of these guys would you be willing to push into the Show in '06? Hermida obviously, but what about pitchers like Petit and Sanchez? And how would you rank the players in bold type?