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Wednesday's Update

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John is on his way back, so he'll give you something good to read later today.

In the meantime, let's pick on his grading again:

from The Baseball Prospect Book 2004, Copyright 2004

Pete LaForest, C, Tampa Bay Devil Rays

LaForest is a bit old for a prospect at 26, but he can be a useful player. He won't hit for much of a batting average, but he will provide good power from the left side, plus enough walks to keep his OBP at respectable levels. In the Show I think he's a .240-.250 hitter, though with 15-18 homers in a full season. His defense behind the plate is pretty decent for a guy who was a third baseman until 2000, but he'll never win any gold gloves. All in all, a useful role player. Grade C.

I have no idea how this grade is in context of past or future, how did he do, with this one grade, in terms of the present day performance? Be brutal! Just kidding!