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Since John's gone, let's talk about him.

I'm going to pick a guy at random from the 2003 book, rewrite his comment here, with grade, and you guys get to evaluate John on his grading ability. The grades go from A to C- in the book, with 'A' being 'FUTURE STAR', and 'C-' being 'BOOK FILLER'. Well, these are my definitions, so don't hold John to that.

I promise I will just open the book and point at random to a comment. No stacking the discussion with something I know to be a good (or bad) grade.

HERE GOES: from the Baseball Prospect Book 2003, copyright John Sickels:

Jae-kuk Ryu, RHP, Chicago Cubs

A Korean, Jae-kuk Ryu was signed as a free agent in June of '01. Scouts love him, and he's done enough in his brief pro exposure to give promise for the future. He runs his fastball in the 90-92 range, and should pick up velocity. He also has a splitter, a curve, and a changeup. Like many young Asian pitchers, he has a good feel for pitching, but needs innings and experience in the North American environment. He could also stand to improve his command a bit. I have a positive impression of Ryu so far, and if he avoids health problems, I think he'll do well. Grade C+.

Well? How'd he do? Is C+ the right grade for this guy?