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The Siren Sounds! A Flamewar Warning has been issued!

One of the great things about baseball is the passion it generates among fans. This taps into the natural tribalism of human beings, giving it a (usually) harmless and non-violent outlet. Partly for this reason, I consider professional sports to be a hallmark of an advanced civilization. "Bread and circuses" in ancient Rome were an early form of this. Nowadays we have MLB and the NFL and the NBA and international soccer as a sort of "release valve" for the emotional tribalism that we all have embedded deep into our brains.

Over the eight months that this website has been in operation, a community has developed, a community where we share ideas and information, and sometimes test each other. All of us have a passion for baseball and, for most of us, deep attachment to a certain organization. For the most part, we have avoided having this devolve into name-calling, or flame waring. The last couple of days, however, we've seen some slippage in that regard.

I'm not going to mention specifics, or blame any one individual or group of individuals. But I strongly urge ALL of you to tone things down a bit, and get back to sharing our love of baseball and interest in prospects and farm systems.
Friendly jibes and playful insults are one thing. Direct attacks on the intelligence of others are out of bounds.

I have adopted a "loose hand" policy most of the time, and I want to avoid mass-deletion of comments or entire threads. But if things continue negatively, that policy will change. Consider this a warning for everyone to keep in mind the standards of discourse that make Minor League Ball THE place to come for conversation about prospects.