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John's Favorite Current Old (30+) Pitcher

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John's Favorite Old Pitcher

There was some confusion about this. By "old pitcher" I meant current active pitcher 30 years old or older, not favorite retired pitcher, though if you're interested I will do that too.

My current favorite 30+ Pitcher is Livan Hernandez.

I like Livan because of his rubber arm. No matter hard they try, managers just can't injure him. I also like the fact that he doesn't have to throw every pitch 95 MPH to get people out. He changes speeds, he hits spots, he can run up the MPH if he needs to, but can also get people out at 88 MPH. He's a pitcher, using movement and deception.

I have nothing but respect for grizzled fireballers like Clemens or Randy Johnson, but watching a guy like Hernandez, when he's sharp, is a treat. In the sense that you can tell the hitters go up to the plate thinking "I can kill this guy," and come back to the dugout frustrated. I also like the fact that he's a big guy, yet he moves around pretty well, holds runners well, and can even hit well. He hit two homers, two doubles, and a triple this year, and has a career average of .237.

So, let's here it for Livan Hernandez, who will probably be pitching ten years from now at the age of 40.