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Guess the Prospect!

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Guess the Prospect!

I was drafted in the third round in the late 1960s, out of high school in California.

I made my pro debut after the draft at age 18, in the Gulf Coast League. I pitched very well, going 2-2, 2.81 in six starts, with a 39/11 K/BB ratio in 32 innings. My parent organization was impressed, and decided to give me a few August starts in full-season A-ball. I pitched even better there, going 5-0, 1.46 in five starts...with five complete games, and a 41/14 K/BB in 37 innings. Obviously, my pro debut was extremely successful.

The following season, I was so impressive in spring training that my parent organization sent me to Triple-A to begin the year, at age 19! In seven starts in Triple-A, I went 4-2, 2.50, with a 63/12 K/BB in 54 innings. At that point, I received a promotion to the majors, where I made 25 starts and pitched very well. I didn't return to the minor leagues until a rehab assignment at the end of my career, and had a very long and successful career.

My rise through the minors was extremely rapid, damn impressive for anyone but keep in mind that I was NOT a first or second round pick.

Who am I?