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You're the GM! Mariners Edition

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You're the GM! Seattle Mariners edition

A disappointing season in Seattle. What are your plans to turn this around?

On the pitching staff, you have a rotation of Felix Hernandez, Jamie Moyer, Ryan Franklin, Joel Pineiro, and Gil Meche. Moyer had a good year but is five thousand years old. The other guys all had ERAs over 5.00. Do you think they can do better than that in the future?

Is Felix Hernandez ready to be your ace for a full season?

The bullpen is decent, but do you see anything you can improve there?

On offense, you have a sure thing in Ichiro. Ibanez had another good year. Beltre didn't reach expectations but you're stuck with him. Sexson was productive. After that, you have a lot of question marks. Reed was disappointing. . .will he get better with experience? What about the middle infield?

The Mariners have money. Anything you are looking for on the free agent market?

With Felix in the majors, who is your best prospect now, and what do you look for in the draft?