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I won't be making it to the Arizona Fall League this year due to the approaching new baby, but I'll write about it here (and in my newsletter) once we get more data to look at.

Through six games, it looks like this is going to be a heavy-offense league once again. Everyone is drooling over Brandon Wood's early performance. But he's not the only one.
Team stats so far:

Surprise: .362/.415/.638, with 13 doubles and 15 homers in 232 at-bats.
Phoenix: .332/.408/.573 with 13 doubles and 13 homers in 232 at-bats.
Mesa: .311/.393/.489 with 18 doubles and 5 homers in 219 at-bats.
Grand Canyon: .299/.343/.505 with 12 doubles and 10 homers in 214 at-bats.
Peoria Saguaros: .288/.332/.437 with 11 doubles and 6 homers in 222 at-bats.
Peoria Javelinas: .275/.362/.441 with 12 doubles and 7 homers in 222 at-bats.

Despite the huge offensive numbers so far, there are some solid pitching prospects in the league. Glen Perkins, Jered Weaver, David Aardsma, Adam Loewen, Clint Nageotte, Greg Miller, Dana Eveland, Travis Bowyer, and Adam Miller are all here. The level of hitting talent they will face will be a good test for them.