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You're the GM! Cubs Edition

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You're the GM! of the Chicago Cubs.

2005 was a disappointing season around the .500 mark. What can you do to improve fortunes next year?

Derrek Lee and Aramis Ramirez were awesome. Todd Walker and Mike Barrett were decent. But you've got some holes to fill. Any hope for Corey Patterson? Do you stick him on the trade block? Do you stick with Burnitz? Is Murton ready for full-time work in '06?

On the pitching side: can you count on Mark Prior? I mean, he's very good-to-excellent when healthy, but will he ever be healthy for a full year? Zambrano may actually end up having a better career, but do you have any worries about his workload? How much more can you get out of Maddux? Jerome Williams, can he take the next step forward?

Do you trust Dempster to be your closer again?

The talent in your farm system seems to have levelled off a bit recently. How do you reinvigorate it?