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"The Prospects Podcast" w/ Baseball America's Vince Lara

Prospect Talk w/ Host Chris Mitchell @CJMitch73 and Baseball's Staff Writer @Vincelara

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"The Prospects Podcast"

Hosted By Chris Mitchell @CJMitch73
Guest: Baseball America's Vince Lara @VinceLara

Today on "The Prospects Podcast" Chris Mitchell @CJMitch73 and Baseball America's Prospect Writer Vincent Lara @VinceLara discuss the Chicago White Sox Hot Stove trades that revamped a wilting system. We also discuss the impact of General Managers on developing a Minor League System and the impact of A.J. Preller's deceptive/dishonest trade negotiations in 2016.

We look in depth at the Miami Marlins and Oakland A's minor Top 30 Prospects as well as a Players in Focus look at Tom Eshelman and Oakland A's starting pitcher Sean Manaea. 


* Intro: Holiday Season Traditions

* Differing Prospect Perspectives
--> Evaluating Prospects: Fantasy vs. Real Baseball Analysis

* Players in Focus -
--> White Sox Trade Analysis
- Yoan Moncada/Michael Kopech/Luis Alexander Basabe/Victor Diaz
- Lucas Giolito/Reynaldo Lopez/Dane Dunning
--> Sean Manaea - Whats his Ceiling?
--> Boston Red Sox GM Dave Dombrowski:
- What kind of GM will he be in Boston?
- Will the Red Sox minor league system recover?
--> San Diego Padres GM A.J. Preller - How do other teams deal with a GM they don't trust?
- Could and SHOULD the Red Sox have rescinded the Drew Pomeranz/Anderson Espinoza trade?

-->Tom Eshelman
- Can a command guy make it in the Major leagues?
- In Fantasy baseball?

--> The Miami Marlins Top 30 Prospects w/ Baseball Americas Vincent Lara @VinceLara
--> The Oakland A's Top 30 Prospects w/ Baseball Americas Vincent Lara @VinceLara

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* The Current State of the MLB Game w/ Rob Neyer @RobNeyer

Chris Mitchell