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Minor League Ball Gameday Discussion, March 27

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Photographers love taking pictures of Yasiel Puig. There are a lot of them in the database
Photographers love taking pictures of Yasiel Puig. There are a lot of them in the database
Norm Hall

Good morning prospect watchers. Here's today's discussion thread. Feel free to share thoughts, observations, and the latest news from spring camps in Arizona and Florida. Opening Day is just a few short days away.

Here are some items of interest for you to waste time with. C'mon, you really don't want to work on that report for the boss, do you?

***The New York Yankees released infielder David Adams in order to make room for Vernon Wells on the 40-man roster, as noted by Nathan Aderhold at MLBDaily Dish. Adams is actually a pretty decent prospect whose career stalled out for awhile due to a severe ankle injury. He's 25, but he also hit .306/.385/.450 in Double-A last season. Several teams could use him as bench depth and he won't be looking for a job very long.

***Los Angeles Dodgers manager Don Mattingly comments on the decision to send Yasiel Puig to Double-A Chattanooga, comparing him to an unpainted Ferrari. I love that analogy. I also think the decision to send him to Chattanooga rather than Triple-A Albuquerque is completely correct. The Pacific Coast League and ABQ environment are tailor-made for a guy like Puig; he could put up huge numbers there without actually refining his hitting skills. The Southern League is a more neutral environment and a better place for him to learn.

***Rob Neyer hates cats, or rather, teams that make up cat breeds that don't exist. No word on if he hates birds that don't exist, like Jayhawks.

***I put this on the front page, but you really need to check out Chris St. John's look at non-prospects who turned into stars.

*** has a nice interview with Colorado Rockies outfield prospect and 2012 first-rounder David Dahl.

***They also note that Houston Astros pitching prospect Brad Peacock has had a solid spring training.