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Either/Or: Buster Posey vs. Carlos Santana

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This is a question where either option is excellent, but if you could have either Buster Posey or Carlos Santana, who would you pick?

I had Posey one spot ahead of Santana on my most recent Rotowire Top 100 list, but I'm not sure that's right. Both are hitting the hell out of the ball this year, Santana at 1.011 OPS for Triple-A Columbus, Posey at .999 for Fresno. Note that the International League is a more difficult place to hit than the PCL, so Santana's season is a bit more impressive.. On the other hand, Posey is doing a better job defensively, throwing out 48% so far this year. Santana has caught 21%. Posey has just one passed ball and no errors; Santana has two PBs and two errors.

Santana is a year older than Posey, and for that reason I ranked Posey one notch ahead. Was that the right call? What do you guys think? I think that Santana's bat is slightly better than Posey's, but Posey is a bit ahead on defense and age projection. They are very, very close obviously.