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Minnesota Twins Top 20 Prospects in Review

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Here is a look at the PRE-SEASON Twins prospect list. This was originally published in November, 2007. THIS IS A REVIEW OF THE PRE-SEASON LIST!!!!!  THIS IS NOT A NEW LIST!!!!!!!!!!!

1) Tyler Robertson, LHP, Grade B+
     5-3, 2.72 with a 73/13 K/BB in 83 innings for Class A Fort Myers. Pitching well but has had some shoulder soreness, a caution flag.
2) Anthony Swarzak, RHP, Grade B
    3-7, 5.99 with a 73/31 K/BB in 89 innings for Double-A New Britain, 115 hits allowed. Much worse than previous standards, including last year at the same level. Wondering about his health at this point.
3) Ben Revere, OF, Grade B
     .396/.453/.524 with 29 steals in 61 games for Class A Beloit. Looks terrific. Needs to improve his stolen base success rate. but that's nitpicking at this point.
4) Eduardo Morlan, RHP, Grade B
      Traded to Tampa Bay. Missed early part of season with injury. 3.72 ERA with 15/6 K/BB ratio in 19 innings, 21 hits allowed at Double-A Montgomery.
5) Jeff Manship, RHP, Grade B
      2.86 ERA with 63/20 K/BB in 79 innings for Ft. Myers, 5.06 ERA with 27/11 K/BB in 32 innings for Double-A New Britain, adjusting to the higher level.
6) Trevor Plouffe, SS, Grade B-
      .269/.325/.410 for New Britain, .233/.257/.427 for Triple-A Rochester. Not looking like an impact guy.
7) Brian Duensing, LHP, Grade B-
     5-10, 4.28 with a 71/31 K/BB in 120 innigns for Rochester, 121 hits allowed. Fairly mediocre.
8) Oswaldo Sosa, RHP, Grade B-
     5.81 ERA with 47/43 K/BB in 62 innings for New Britain, 3.06 ERA with 11/11 K/BB in 18 innings after demotion to Fort Myers. Still getting grounders but command has wobbled this year.
9) Jose Mijares, LHP, Grade C+
      Currently in the Gulf Coast League on rehab, has 13/1 K/BB in nine innings.
10) Mike McCardell, RHP, Grade C+
      6-2, 2.72 with an 81/17 K/BB in 83 innings, 68 hits for Beloit. All numbers are very impressive, only caution flag is strong fly ball tendency.
11) Chris Parmelee, OF, Grade C+ 
      Hitting .239/.385/.496 for Beloit, with 14 homers, 52 walks, 83 strikeouts in 69 games. Power and walks look good, contact is an issue and batting average disappointing.
12) Danny Valencia, 3B, Grade C+
      Hitting .336/.402/.518 for Fort Myers, then .270/.324/.340 after promotion to New Britain. Has yet to carry power forward against better pitching.  
13) Ryan Mullins, LHP, Grade C+
      7-6, 3.84 with a 58/43 K/BB in 101 innings for New Britain. I don't like the very low strikeout rate. Tough on lefties, could be a LOOGY eventually.
14) Jay Rainville, RHP, Grade C+
      Struggling in Double-A, 6.45 ERA with 42/25 K/BB in 74 innings, 91 hits, 15 homers allowed. No positives there, status has definitely slipped.
15) Deibinson Romero, 3B, Grade C+
      Hitting .259/.297/.392 for Beloit, being held back by poor plate discipline. Young enough to improve.
16) Alex Burnett, RHP, Grade C+
      3.78 ERA with 46/29 K/BB in 105 innings, 112 hits allowed for Ft. Myers. Don't like the K/IP and H/IP ratios, but he does throw strikes.
17) David Bromberg, RHP, Grade C+
      5.03 ERA with 107/35 K/BB in 97 innings, 98 hits for Beloit. Like the K/IP ratio, other numbers aren't as impressive but at age 20 he has time to get better.
18) Nick Blackburn, RHP, Grade C+
      Boy, was I wrong about this guy. I need to do a full profile on him soon. 3.65 ERA with 64/18 K/BB in 118 innings for Minnesota, 132 hits allowed. He is NOT a sure thing as a long-term investment just yet..he's quite hittable and the strikeout rate is still unimpressive. But he's done a lot better than I expected.
19) Erik Lis, OF-1B, Grade C+
     Hitting .271/.308/.466 with 31 doubles and 10 homers for New Britain. Scouts still don't like him but he continues to produce.
20) Zach Ward, RHP, Grade C
     3.76 ERA with 60/32 K/BB in 67 innings for New Britain. Gets grounders, keeps the ball low, doesn't give up many homers.     

I'm not overly pleased with the list. Although I still think that Baseball America had Blackburn rated too high at number one, I certainly had him ranked far too low at 18. Pitching prospects will break your heart, and there were a lot of pitchers on this list. One guy I got a lot of flack for not including was catcher Wilson Ramos, currently hitting .255/.309/.404 for Fort Myers, with 10 homers, but some issues with plate discipline. He looks like a Grade B- guy to me right now.