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Predictions for 2008

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Predictions for 2008.

Note that while I am proud of my track record with prospects, my predictions in regards to pennant races are usually not particularly good. Nevertheless, here is how I see it.

Pennant Races: Yankees win the AL East, Tigers win the AL Central, Angels win the AL West, Red Sox win the Wild Card. American League Cy Young goes to C.C. Sabathia, who goes 20-8, 2.57 and leads the league in strikeouts. AL MVP is Miguel Cabrera, who hits .335 with 45 homers and 135 RBI, just missing the Triple Crown because he finishes second in batting average behind Ichiro. Rookie of the Year is Jacoby Ellsbury. Tigers win the AL Pennant.

In the National League, the Mets win the NL East, the Brewers win the NL Central, the Rockies win the NL West, the Cubs win the Wild Card. National League Cy Young goes to Johan Santana, who goes 21-7, 2.33 and leads the league in strikeouts. NL MVP is Prince Fielder who hits 39 homers by the All Star Break but hits "just" 19 in the second half to finish at 58. Rookie of the Year is Fukodome. Brewers win the NL Pennant.

Tigers beat the Brewers in the World Series, 4 games to 1. TV ratings are very poor.

Answering the True/False questions below:

Torii Hunter: answer is TRUE, he will hit something around what I mentioned in the comment and be considered somewhat disappointing, though he'll continue to play great defense. Perhaps the bitter Twins fan in me talking?

American League ROY: False, Ellsbury will win it.

Santana Trade: Borderline False: five years from now Twins fans will still be bitching even though Mulvey and Humber turn out OK. Gomez never learns to hit, and Guerra has lots of injuries.

National League ROY: True. Fukodome wins it.

Felix Pie: False. He hits .266/.321/.430 this year, but breaks out big in 2009.

Homer Bailey: False. Expectations with him have been tempered sufficiently by most analysts. I have concerns about him due to the command issue but not enough to drop him down the lists further than he's already fallen.

Edinson Volquez: Borderline False. Volquez will pitch brilliantly at times and throw a one-hitter in late July, but he will have enough bad starts to keep his ERA around 4.50 or so.