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Mock Draft/Real Draft Nationals

Mock Draft/Real Draft Washington Nationals

1) Beau Mills, 3B-1B, Lewis Clark State (1st round to Indians in real draft)
S) Nick Schmidt, LHP, University of Arkansas (1st round to Padres in real draft)
S) Neil Ramirez, RHP, Virginia HS (supplemental round to Rangers in real draft)
2) Brian Rike, OF, Louisiana Tech (2nd round to Rockies in real draft)
2) Garrett Nash, SS, Utah HS (4th round to Rangers in real draft)
3) Hunter Morris, OF, Alabama HS (2nd round to Red Sox in real draft)
4) Duke Welker, RHP, University of Arkansas (2nd round to Pirates in real draft)
5) Justin Grimm, RHP, Virginia HS (13th round to Red Sox in real draft)

1) Ross Detwiler, LHP, Missouri State (1st round to Rockies in Mock Draft)
S) Josh Smoker, LHP, Georgia HS (1st round to Braves in Mock Draft)
S) Michael Burgess, OF, Florida HS (supplemental round to Padres in Mock Draft)
2) Jordan Zimmerman, RHP, Wisconsin-Stevens Point (2nd round to Mets in Mock Draft)
2) Jake Smolinski, 3B, Illinois HS (not selected in Mock Draft)
3) Steven Souza, 3B, Washington HS (not selected in Mock draft)
4) Derek Norris, C, Kansas HS (not selected in Mock Draft)
5) Brad Meyers, RHP, Loyola Marymount (4th round to Athletics in Mock Draft)

The key here is to rebuild a dry farm aystem, and I think both the real draft and the mock draft would do this well although the names are certainly different. Either Mills or Detwiler is an acceptable pick in the first round in my mind. I really like Smoker and prefer him to Schmidt, although Schmidt wasn't available in real life I still like Smoker better. Burgess in real life could be a real steal but also carries a lot of risk. Ramirez was one of my favorite high school pitchers and I like him there in the mock as well. Jordan Zimmerman is also a personal favorite, but I also like Brian Rike. Three high school bats that didn't go in the Mock Draft filled out the Real class, and it will be a few years before we can judge them.