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Hi, folks, this is JERI, posting on John's account:

You've been asking for it, so here it is: Your chance to buy past issues of the Baseball Prospect Book in PDF format!

We're now offering the 2003, 2004 and 2005 editions in PDF format for the price of 17.99 per copy. We still have a few hard copies of these books left, (less than 5), so if you want the paper copy you can get that too. (the 2006 edition is not available in this format--we'll have to see how this goes).

We've had literally hundreds of requests to make these available, so here you go! You can order through the website.

Please note: we are aware that it is possible to buy one copy, and copy it for your friends. We ask that you not do that. Basically, we are asking that you operate on the honor system. This is our livelihood, and we will not make future editions available if we find that there is a lot of unauthorized copying, or if the books get posted on-line.

When you check the website, if you don't see this offer, just 'refresh' the page and it should show up.

Any questions? (about this post, not about prospects or newsletter stuff, or the 2006 book)?

Post them here, and I'll answer them if I can...Unrelated posts will be held up to ridicule for all to see. (JUST KIDDING!)


JERI (John's wife and email secretary)