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Moving Update: The furniture is here. Now we have to get everything set up. I have a real office now, which will (hopefully!) bring a nice burst of creativity and productivity for me. I've already thought of an idea for a new book project.

Plans for the upcoming days:

GENERAL: I am shooting for full operationality by Friday.
BLOG: I will get back to finishing up the Top 20 lists by this weekend.
NEWSLETTER: I will be working on the updated and annotated 50/50 list. Starting next week there will be a flurry of newsletters for subscribers.
ROTOWIRE: I should resume player tidbit updates tomorrow and will have an article by the end of the week.

Again, thanks for your patience. I won't have to share my office space with the baby nursery any more, and in general we have a nicer place to live, one that belongs to US (or rather the bank, but you know what I mean).