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American League Central MOCK DRAFT Comments


Chicago White Sox

  1. Adrian Cardenas, SS, Florida HS
  2. Cory Rasmus, RHP, Alabama HS
  3. Joe Benson, C-OF, Illinois HS
  4. Charles Brewer, RHP, Arizona HS
  5. Ryan Jackson, SS, Florida HS
COMMENTS: Cardenas might be a slight overdraft in the late first round. I think most people see him as a second or third round pick, but given the sketchy nature of the talent this year, picking the guy you really like makes some sense at the back of the first round. Rasmus isn't a first-round candidate because of his 6-0 height, but he has a fine arm and a good track record. Benson has good power but some positional questions. He'll have to be bought away from Purdue, but perhaps playing for a home state team will help. Brewer is somewhat raw but a projectable guy at 6-5, 180 pounds. Jackson has an excellent glove but a questionable bat. A heavy high school class, this group could be very impressive if everyone develops as expected, but none of these guys are sure things.

Cleveland Indians

  1. Matt Latos, RHP, Florida HS
  2. Brooks Brown, RHP, University of Georgia
  3. Chris Archer, RHP, North Carolina HS
  4. Ryan Adams, INF, Louisiana HS
  5. Tony Watson, LHP, University of Nebraska
  6. Trevor Cahill, RHP, California HS
  7. Adam Davis, 2B, University of Florida
  8. Stephen Holmes, RHP, University of Rhode Island
COMMENTS: Multiple early picks always helps. Personally I think the best approach in such situations is to mix college and high school picks, polished guys and raw talent, and that is what we see here. Latos is a big guy with an excellent arm, but emotional immaturity may keep him out of the regular first round. Brooks Brown is an underrated and polished college pitcher who I like a lot. Archer is a possible steal at that point in the draft, in some years he would have been considered for the first round. Adams has an impressive bat, but injuries and questions about his glove will keep him out of the first round. He could be a steal at 69 though. Watson and Holmes fit in nicely as polished college moundsmen who should help quickly. Cahill is a good pitcher but is very intelligent and will have to be bought away from an education at Dartmouth. Davis had an erratic college season but represents good value in the fourth round. I think this is a good use of multiple picks.

Detroit Tigers

  1. Evan Longoria, 2B, Long Beach State
  2. Chad Tracy, C, Pepperdine
  3. Tommy Pham, SS, Nevada HS
  4. Kyle Gibson, RHP, Indiana HS
  5. Glenn Gibson, LHP, New York HS
COMMENTS: If Longoria actually falls to sixth, picking him makes a lot of sense. Tracy is an attractive pick at 50 considering thin nature of the college hitting draft class. Pham is a good athlete with a strong arm, a sound bat, and questions about his defense and makeup. Good gamble at 82 due to his upside. Kyle Gibson doesn't throw had yet, but is projectable. Glenn Gibson's dad pitched for the Tigers, and like Kyle (no relation), Glenn doesn't throw hard yet but might in the future. Intriguing mixture here, two solid college position players, two projectable high school pitchers, and a somewhat raw but interesting high school hitter.

Kansas City Royals

  1. Andrew Miller, LHP, University of North Carolina
  2. Josh Butler, RHP, University of San Diego
  3. Zach McAllister, RHP, Illinois HS
  4. Sergio Perez, RHP, University of Tampa
  5. Paul Coleman, LHP, Pepperdine
COMMENT: The Royals farm system has a solid core of hitting talent, but is in desperate need of pitching. This draft would help. Miller is the favorite to go number one overall, although last-second rumors have Kansas City picking Luke Hochevar or Brad Lincoln instead. Still, Miller makes a lot of sense if they are willing to meet his price. Josh Butler is a polished arm who doesn't have a ton of upside but should move quickly. McAllister is one of my favorite cold-weather high school pitchers but will need time to develop. Sergio Perez throws quite hard and could be a bullpen mainstay. Coleman is a strike-throwing senior with a good track record but isn't considered a hot prospect. He would be cheap to sign, possibly necessary to afford Miller. Miller, Butler, and Perez provide a quick boost of pitching talent, McAllister has upside, and Coleman should at least be an effective minor league inning-eater.

Minnesota Twins

  1. Brett Sinkbeil, RHP, Missouri State University
  2. Derrick Robinson, OF, Florida HS
  3. Ryan Wehrle, INF, University of Nebraska
  4. Scott Cousins, OF, University of San Francisco
  5. Sean Watson, RHP, University of Tennessee
  6. Mike Felix, LHP, Troy State University
COMMENT: Nagging injuries might keep Sinkbeil out of the first round in real life, but when healthy he is a definite first round talent. Robinson has blazing speed but might not show much power. Wehrle is a draft-eligible sophomore and won't be cheap, but his bat is intriguing. Cousins is toolsy and one of the sleepers in the draft. Watson has command problems but a live arm and is a good risk in the fourth round. Felix doesn't throw as hard as Watson but has better command and is a solid fifth round college choice. Overall this looks like a solid, though not spectacular, class.