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Houston Astros Top 20 Prospects

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Jason Hirsh is tall


  1. Jason Hirsh, RHP, Grade A-
  2. Troy Patton, LHP, Grade B+
  3. Hunter Pence, OF, B+
  4. Jimmy Barthmaier, RHP, B+
  5. Fernando Nieve, RHP, B
  6. Brian Bogusevic, LHP, B
  7. Eli Iorg, OF, B
  8. Ben Zobrist, SS, B-
  9. Felipe Paulino del Guidice, RHP, C+
  10. Matt Albers, RHP, C+
  11. Justin Towles, C, C+
  12. Juan Gutierrez, RHP, C+
  13. Koby Clemens, 3B, C+
  14. Chance Douglass, RHP, C+
  15. Josh Flores, OF, C+
  16. Brooks Conrad, 2B, C+
  17. Luke Scott, OF, C
  18. Tommy Manzella, SS, C
  19. Mitch Einertson, OF, C
  20. Ralph Henriquez, C, C
This is a system with an intriguing top tier but less depth than the most elite systems. Hirsh took a huge step forward last year and I personally believe he will be able to maintain his progress. Patton looks great to me, granted all the standard young pitcher caveats. Barthmaier is underappreciated.

Hitting talent in this system has questions. Pence has impeccable statistics but will have to prove himself against advanced pitching. Iorg is very toolsy but there are doubts about his ability against higher-level breaking balls. Zobrist has played well but has been moved too conservatively through the system. . .we're not exactly sure how good he really is.

Keep an eye on Grade C+ guys like Albers, Towles, and Douglass, all capable of taking major steps forward soon.