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Los Angeles Dodgers Top 20 Prospects

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  1. Chad Billingsley, RHP, Grade A-
  2. Joel Guzman, SS-3B-OF, Grade A-
  3. Andy LaRoche, 3B, Grade B+
  4. Jonathan Broxton, RHP, B+
  5. Russell Martin, C, B+
  6. Scott Elbert, LHP, B+
  7. Blake DeWitt, 3B, B+
  8. Chin-Lung Hu, SS, B
  9. Andre Ethier, OF, B
  10. Justin Orenduff, RHP, B
  11. Etanislao Abreu, 2B, B-
  12. Delwyn Young, 2B, B-
  13. Travis Denker, 2B, B-
  14. Matt Kemp, OF, B- (grade change from C+ in the book)
  15. Blake Johnson, RHP, B-
  16. Hong Chi Kuo, LHP, B-
  17. James Loney, 1B, C+
  18. Justin Ruggiano, OF, C+ (grade change from B- in book)
  19. Anthony Raglani, OF, C+
  20. Josh Wall, RHP, C+
The best farm system in baseball.

I gave Matt Kemp a C+ in the book, due to concerns about his strike zone judgment, but I think I will raise that to B- due to his excellent overall potential and athleticism.

James Loney may be controversial at C+, but the fact is that he hasn't lived up to expectations. A first baseman with a career SLG of .411 has a lot of work to do.

I'm dropping Justin Ruggiano from B- to C+. I still like him a lot, but I needed to account more strongly for his age-league factor and his high strikeout rate.