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Cedar Rapids Again

I'm in Cedar Rapids again, one final trip (hopefully) until things get back to normal.

Today while flipping through the book, I discovered there is no comment for Jason Kubel. I'm not sure how this happened. . .I remember writing a comment for him, the basic gist being that I loved him before the knee injury but that we needed to see how he recovered from it, and until he took the field there was no way to know for sure how he would do. I remember that I dropped him to a Grade B.

But he's not in the book, and he's not in the index either, so this is not an editing mistake by Jeri or a printing mistake by the printer. I screwed up somewhere, probably failing to save a file at the right time or something like that. Anyhow, mark down Jason Kubel as a Grade B, and I will write up a full comment for him soon.