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Pioneer League Honors

Helena infielder Kenneth Holmberg

Pioneer League
POSITION PLAYER: Helena second baseman Kenneth Holmberg led the league with a .450 OBP and a .623 SLG. He came in third with 51 RBI, second with a .372 average, and tied for third with 12 homers.
STARTING PITCHER: Ogden's Brent Leach led the league with a 2.43 ERA; he was the only starting pitcher who qualified for the league ERA title who posted an ERA less than 3.60! He was also third in strikeouts. Although his W-L was just 5-3 in 13 starts, he was certainly the most effective starter in aggregate. Helena's Will Inman went 6-0 with a 2.00 ERA but fell just short of the innings qualification for the ERA title.
CLOSER: Casper's Andrew Johnston led the circuit with 18 saves while posting a 1.06 ERA. Number two save man Abraham Woody of Billings posted 14 saves with a strong 2.03 ERA, and had a better K/BB than Johnston, 38/5 in 27 innings compared to 24/7 in 34 innings. Johnston's ERA was lower, but he wasn't as overpowering.