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Midwest League Honors

Eric Patterson

POSITION PLAYER: Eric Patterson of Peoria. Corey's younger brother, Eric led the league with a .333 average, finished fifth with 40 steals, was third in OBP, and second in SLG. South Bend first baseman Cesar Nicholas also had an excellent year, but his contributions weren't as broad as Patterson's.
STARTING PITCHER: Another Peoria player, RHP Sean Gallagher. He led the league with 14 wins, was second in ERA at 2.71, and posted a strong 139/55 K/BB ratio in 146 innings. Andrew Sonnanstine of Southwest Michigan went 10-4, led the league with a 2.55 ERA, and had an exceptional 103/11 K/BB ratio, but Gallagher's 40-inning edge and superior H/IP ratio give him the award.
CLOSER: Several candidates. The save leader was Matt Varner of Fort Wayne with 34, but his 4.00 ERA is unattractive. Matt Elliot of South Bend (32 saves, 2.14), Mike Sillman of Quad Cities (22 saves, 2.74), and Jonathan Martinez of Beloit (20 saves, 1.83 ERA) are better picks, all having had excellent seasons with strong component ratios. Elliot had the best K/IP ratio (71 in 55 innings) so I will go with him.