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Prospect Tidbit: Garrett Patterson

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Garrett Patterson

Garrett Patterson, LHP, New York Yankees
Garrett Patterson was drafted by the Yankees in the seventh round in June, from the University of Oklahoma. His college career was marred by frequent elbow injuries, but he was healthy this year and his results were very good. Using an 88-92 MPH fastball, occasionally hitting 93-94, a good curve, and a cut fastball, he was effective for the Staten Island Yankees in the New York-Penn League, posting a 3.71 ERA and a 71/38 K/BB in 51 innings, allowing just 37 hits and one homer. His walk rate was too high, but his K/IP and H/IP marks were very strong. Now, I can't praise him as a top prospect just yet. His command has to get better, and at age 23 he is rather old for the NY-P League. He'll have some things to prove in '06. But the "stuff" indicators are worthy of notice, and Yankees fans should keep an eye on him. If his command improves, a breakout season is possible.