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You're the GM! Colorado Rockies Edition

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You're the GM! of the Colorado Rockies.

The following questions were submitted by reader DavidRoxFan17 in the suggestions thread. I thought they summarized the decisions that the Rockies have to make pretty clearly.

-Do you keep Todd Helton and trade Ryan Shealy, or trade Helton and keep Shealy?
-How long do you keep Atkins and his 7 homers at 3B? Do you push Stewart for a mid-season promotion next year (like Francoeur?)
-What do you do with Jeff Baker, with it appearing that Holliday and Hawpe have the OF corners? Or do Holliday and Harpe have the OF corners?
-Do you keep Bigbie in CF for next year, or give the job to Jeff Salazar, who hasnt shown much since his promotion to AA last year, and is struggling at AAA?
-What is to be become of Jason Young? One moment, he will have a dominate streak, then the next, he will struggle (like he has his last 3, before that was doing well).
-Do you give Chin-Hui Tsao the closers job when he returns, or allow Fuentes to keep the job?

On the macro level, is there a particular strategy that you need to adopt to succeed in Coors Field long-term?