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Cubs and Reds

Cubs and Reds Comparisons

Chicago Cubs REAL DRAFT
1---20---Mark Pawelek, LHP, Springville Utah HS
2---68---Donald Veal, LHP, Pima CC (Arizona)
3---100---Mark Holliman, RHP, University of Mississippi
3---108---Mike Billek, RHP, Central Florida
4---130---Dylan Johnston, SS, Hamilton HS, Chandler, Arizona
5---160---Scott Taylor, RHP, Hermitage HS, Richmond, Virginia
Chicago Cubs MOCK DRAFT
1---20---Jacoby Ellsbury, OF, Oregon State University (1--23--Red Sox)
2---68---Trevor Bell, OF, La Crascenta HS, CA (1S---Angels)
3---100---Jensen Lewis, RHP, Vanderbilt (3---102---Indians)
3---108---Ryan Mullins, LHP, Vanderbilt (3---105---Twins)
4---130---Brian Hernandez, C, Vanderbilt (Not Drafted)
5---160---Jemile Weeks, 2B, Lake Brantley, FL (8---Brewers)
COMMENT: The Real Cubs knew that Pawelek was signable, the Mock Cubs didn't. Ellsbury is a safer choice, but Pawelek has a higher upside. Take your pick. The Mock Draft Cubs seem to have a Vandy jones, although both Lewis and Mullins went in the same third-round neighborhood in the real draft. I think the Real Draft is stronger but a lot of that is signability knowledge on the part of the real team.

Cincinnati Reds REAL DRAFT
1---12---Jay Bruce, OF, West Brook HS, Beaumont, Texas
2---60---Travis Wood, LHP, Bryant HS, Alexander, Arkansas
3---92---Zach Ward, RHP, Gardner-Webb University
4---122---Sam LeCure, RHP, University of Texas
5---152---James Avery, RHP, Niagara University
Cincinnati Reds MOCK DRAFT
1---12---Ryan Braun, 3B, University of Miami-Florida (1---5---Brewers)
2---60---Mike Costanzo, 3B, Coastal Carolina University (2--65--Phillies)
3---92---Yuniel Escobar Almenares, SS, Miami FL (Cuba) (2---Braves)
4---122---Dave Duncan, LHP, New Richmond HS, Ohio (14---Twins)
5---152---Tyson Ross, RHP, Bishop O'Dowd HS, Oakland CA (not drafted)
COMMENT: Braun was long-gone in reality, so Bruce is certainly a fine Real choice at 12th overall. Wood went earlier in reality than in the Mock draft, although personally I think I would rather have Costanzo, who I think has a much better chance of turning into a useful player. Duncan and Ross are more signability choices that dropped in reality. But given the knowledge base present for each draft, both are certainly reasonable classes.