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Arizona Mock Draft/Real Draft

Arizona Diamondbacks REAL DRAFT
1---1---Justin Upton, SS, Cheasapeake, VA HS
1S-31--Matt Torra, RHP, University of Massachusetts
2---49---Matt Green, RHP, University of Louisiana-Monroe
3---81---Jason Neighborgall, RHP, Georgia Tech
3---83---Micah Owings, RHP, Tulane
4---111--Mark Romanczuk, LHP, Stanford
5---141---Chris Rahl, OF, William and Mary
Arizona Diamondbacks MOCK DRAFT
1---1---Justin Upton, SS, Cheasapeake, VA HS
1S-31--Joey Devine, RHP, North Carolina State University (1--27--Braves)
2---49---Nick Hundley, C, University of Arizona (2--76--Padres)
3---81---Donald Veal, LHP, Puma CC (2-Cubs)
3---83---Kris Harvey, RHP, Clemson (2--Marlins)
4---111--Jason Neighborgall, RHP, Georgia Tech (3---Diamondbacks)
5---141---Lance Pendleton, OF-RHP, Rice (4--Yankees)
COMMENT: Upton is a no-brainer with the first pick. After that, while the names are different, the philosophy was similar, picking up college guys who have high ceilings but perhaps erratic performance records. The presence of Jason Neighborgall, who may have the best pure arm in the draft, on both lists is notable. His command is terrible and I doubt he will ever pan out, but the gamble could pay off big (if it pays off at all). In this case, I like the Mock Draft list better, but this reflects the fact that guys like Veal and Harvey were available later in the Mock Draft than they were in real life.