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Burlington Photos and Stuff

The Burlington trip was a success. I came away with a lot of good scouting information. I will be sending a full report to my newsletter subscribers this afternoon. But here are some tidbits for you.

The new pressbox at Community Field, Burlington, Iowa. The stadium is one of the oldest west of the Mississippi, and until this year the amenities were quite obsolete. But the local ownership group and the city are embarking on a refit program to bring the stadium up to modern standards. The first stage was a new pressbox and concession area.

Here is a photo set showing West Michigan pitcher Andrew Kown.

Kown was drafted in the fifth round last year out of Georgia Tech. His fastball runs 87-92 MPH, averaging 89 in this game. He also has a good curveball. He is a lanky, trim athlete, throws strikes, and generally gave the impression of a pitcher who knows what he is doing.