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Top 20 Red Sox: How Are They Doing??

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Dustin Pedroia as an Arizona State Sun Devil

Review of Boston Red Sox Top 20 List

  1. Hanley Ramirez, SS: Good start for Double-A Portland, .302/.358/.468. Doing fine.
  2. Jon Papelbon, RHP: Good start for Double-A Portland, 2.02 ERA, 3-1 record, 35/8 K/BB in 36 innings. Doing fine.
  3. Brandon Moss, OF: Poor start for Portland, .204/.280/.311. Overmatched right now, has fanned 37 times in 28 games.
  4. Anibal Sanchez, RHP: 2.19 ERA, with superb 55/6 K/BB in 37 innings for Class A Wilmington. Pitching wonderfully.
  5. Jon Lester, LHP: 1-1, 3.76 at Portland, 37/11 K/BB in 38 innings. Doing fine.
  6. Dustin Pedroia, 2B: .347/.434/.521 at Portland, playing brilliantly.
  7. Christian Lara, SS: Hitting .224/.333/.286 in 30 games for Class A Greenville. Not hitting with much authority, but he's managed to draw 15 walks in 115 plate appearances, a decent ratio.
  8. Luis Soto, SS: Extended spring training.
  9. Kelly Shoppach, C: .274/.389/.566 at Triple-A Pawtucket, showing power and good plate discipline.
  10. Abe Alvarez, LHP: 2-2, 3.82 at Pawtucket, 24/7 K/BB in 38 innings. Doing decently, handling himself well in Triple-A.
  11. Ian Bladergroen, 1B: Hitting .218/.343/.287 at Wilmington. Has drawn 14 walks, but struck out 28 times in 26 games. Disappointing.
  12. Andrew Dobies, LHP: 2.41 ERA, 40/7 K/BB in 41 innings for Greenville. Throwing strikes, pitching well at a low level.
  13. Manny Delcarmen, RHP: struggling at Portland, 5.54 ERA. Has fanned 16 in 13 innings, but command is an issue.
  14. Jeremy West, 1B: .320/.387/.484 at Portland, doing very well.
  15. Mickey Hall, OF: Hitting .242/.345/.435 in 36 games for Wilmington. Not wonderful but OK considering difficult park context. 48 strikeouts in 36 games is a red flag.
  16. Cla Meredith, RHP: Reached the Majors unexpectedly quickly.
  17. Tommy Hottovy, LHP: Poor 7.90 ERA in 7 games for Wilmington. However, his 31/10 K/BB in 27 innings is pretty good. Still a disappointment so far.
  18. David Pauley, RHP: 1-1, 3.68 in 7 starts for Portland, 27/10 K/BB in 37 innings, 41 hits allowed. Doing OK.
  19. Mike Rozier, LHP: 4.40 ERA in 6 starts for Greenville, 13/14 K/BB in 29 innings shows mediocre command and less-than-anticipated dominance.
  20. Kyle Bono, RHP: Command problems at Wilmington, 5.79 ERA but 14/12 K/BB in 14 innings.
Stock Rising: Pedroia, Shoppach, West, Meredith
Stock Dropping: Moss, Bladergroen, Hottovy