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Wichita State vs. KU, April 6, 2005

I went to the Wichita State/University of Kansas game last night. Due to some scheduling conflicts, my son Nicholas came with me. I was looking at this game as something of an experimental dry run, to see if I can take Nicholas scouting this year. Nicholas was great. . .he's always well-behaved, but between popcorn runs, bathroom calls, and the necessity to get him home in time for a bath, as a scouting experience the game left much to be desired. I did manage to take some photos, but didn't come away with much useful scouting information.

The Shockers return to Lawrence on April 20, and there will be many opportunities to see them down in Wichita, so I'll be able to take a better look at them soon. Anyhow, here are some pictures I took. Note that I'm not a professional photographer, and the sight lines were pretty terrible for most of these shots. All the good spots for photos were taken by the time we got there by real photographers trying to do their jobs or something.

Kansas won the game 13-6.

My son Nicholas.

Shockers coach Gene Stephenson hits some grounders.

Jayhawk starting pitcher Sean Land

Wichita State starting pitcher Max Hutson

Kansas outfielder A.J. Van Slyke (son of Andy)

Shocker infielder Damon Sublette fouls a pitch off

Senior catcher Joe Muich takes the pitch to the opposite field

Freshman outfielder Quin Vinze starts his swing