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Scouting Report: Renyel Pinto

Renyel Pinto strikes Josh Wilson out

Renyel Pinto Scouting Report:

Fastball: ranged between 87 and 92 MPH, velocity picking up from the second inning on. Good movement on the fastball, sometimes tailing high and away, sometimes moving down in the zone (likely depending on his grip).

Slider: 80-84 MPH, usually sitting at 81.

Curveball: 74-76 MPH. He did not use this pitch very often, relying on the slider for the most part.

Changeup: Pinto reportedly has a plus changeup, but he didn't use it much in this game, at least in the first three innings when I was clocking pitches. There were two pitches clocked at 70 MPH that looked like changeups.

Pinto's biggest problem is command: he was very sloppy with his mechanics in the first inning, leading to control problems. But he settled down after that, and by the third inning was in a good groove. He fanned 10 in 5 innings of work.