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Thursday Morning

Thursday Morning

Remember, there will be an All-Questions Answered thread this afternoon from 1 to 3 pm central time.

My answers to yesterday's True/False Question.

On Bedard, I do think he has a good chance of improving his control. But I expect that his ERA of 4.59 last year won't change much this year. It will still be around 4.50, even though his peripheral stats will improve.

Why does the ERA stay the same? Because his 4.59 mark last year was not supported by his peripherals. His ERA last year should have been a bit over 5.00 based on his H/IP, BB/IP, and HR/IP. So even if he improves his ratios this year, I don't think his ERA will change much.
So the overall answer is "false."

Victor Martinez is one of my favorite players, and I do expect he will have an MVP caliber season. But not in 2005; I think it will be '06. So the answer there is "false" as well.