2012 Atlanta Braves Top Prospect List: Comparison

Comparing Top 2012 Braves Prospect Lists

Baseball America posted their Top 10 Atlanta Braves prospect list yesterday. You have to be a BA subscriber to access the scouting reports, but the list is free to all.

I thought it might be fun to compare their list to my list which I published back on October 12th.

1) Sickels: Julio Teheran, RHP; Baseball America: Teheran.
2) Sickels: Arodys Vizcaino, RHP; Baseball America: Vizcaino
3) Sickels: Randall Delgado, RHP; Baseball America: Delgado
4) Sickels: Andrelton Simmons, SS; Baseball America: Simmons
5) Sickels: Sean Gilmartin, LHP; Baseball America: Gilmartin
6) Sickels: Edward Salcedo, 3B; Baseball America: Salcedo
7) Sickels: J.J. Hoover, RHP; Baseball America: Tyler Pastornicky
8) Sickels: Tyler Pastornicky, SS; Baseball America: Zeke Spruill
9) Sickels: Zeke Spruill, RHP; Baseball America; Christian Bethancourt
10) Sickels: Christian Bethancourt, C; Baseball America: Brandon Drury, 3B
13) Sickels: Brandon Drury

The only difference in the list is that they prefer young third baseman Brandon Drury over pitcher J.J. Hoover.

This is a difference in analytical styles. Drury has a higher ceiling, being a possible major league starting third baseman with good tools, however he was in the Appalachian League last year. True, he hit .347 down there, but he also posted a dismal 6/35 BB/K in 265 at-bats, which makes me cautious despite the positive scouting reports. Hoover, meanwhile, is ready for the majors now and could be effective as either a starter or reliever. Bill Bellow, who wrote the Braves list for BA, mentioned Hoover positively in the team chat but did not indicate where he would rank.

If you guys find this sort of comparison to be interesting, I will do one for each team as the BA lists come out.



It’s one thing for us to make our own comparisons, but it’s more interesting to hear your analysis of the differences. Thanks!

Hope this becomes a regular thing


i love reading comparisons between lists and analytical differences

Cool idea for a regular feature.

Let’s see some more of these!

+1 again


Great idea. Neat to compare the experts.


Ok, I will make this a regular feature.

Who would you guys rather have, Hoover or Drury?

Hoover for me

I don’t see the kind of ceiling in Drury that makes up his low floor in comparison to Hoover.

Brandon Drury

I’d take JJ Hoover over Ezekiel Spruill, but I’d lean with the position player who posted a notable year at 18 (slugged over .500 with apparently strong contact skills).

Hoover for me as well

i just feel like his expected value is higher

he already looks like he could be a pretty good relief pitcher by next year, with the off-chance that if he’s traded to another team they’d give him a shot to be a decent starter

i feel like most prospects like Drury don’t end up ever making the majors. in addition, he’s like four years away, so his future production has to be discounted as well.

tbf though, the difference between you and BA isn’t as simple as Hoover or Drury. it’s also, Hoover > the rest of those guys between 7-10 on BA. not that that has a huge effect on my choice (i might have Pastornicky higher than Hoover though), since i rather like Hoover. but i think it deserves pointing out.

I would rather have Drury.


Very bad walk rate, but the K-rate actually looks solid for a guy with solid power. I’d take a flier on him.

Drury because it seems like Hoover was permanently moved to the pen


That doesn’t affect his prospect status





Sickles and BA agree on all of the grade B or better prospects. Every player on the BA list is at least a B- on John’s list. As you get farther down the list, the rating is more important than the ranking, so even though BA has Drury at #10 and John has him at #13, they are both in the range of the B- guys and essentially equal. What will be interesting to see is if there is a disagreement on a higher graded prospect, aka Jed Lowrie a few years ago.

Wow I think that would be awesome, that way none of us should have to post the BA top 10 anyways...

This is cool, great Job John

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