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2015 Minor League Ball Community Mock Draft: American League West summary

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Skye Bolt
Skye Bolt
Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Continuing with the requested summaries of the 2015 Minor League Ball Community Mock Draft, we move forward to the American League West.

For the complete list round by round, click here.

1-2) Alex Bregman, SS, LSU
1-5) Kyle Tucker, OF, Florida HS
CBA-37) Beau Burrows, RHP, Texas HS
2-46) Mitchell Hansen, OF, Texas HS
3-79) Austin Rei, C, University of Washington
4-109) Jackson Kowar, RHP, North Carolina HS
COMMENT: It is always interesting to see how teams (both real and mock) deal with a multiple pick draft. In this case, the Mock Astros grabbed the best college hitter and the best or second-best high school hitter. Add in a hard-throwing Texas prep in Burrows and the 6-4 projectable Kowar for arms, plus an advanced college hitter and defender (Rei) and a multi-skilled high school bat (Hansen) and you have a diverse group. Hansen is a Stanford commit so he won’t be cheap and Kowar is a signability risk that low, so subsequent rounds would have to be college senior-oriented to make the money work. I’m sure the Astros would put their analytics guys to work on that.

1-26) Donnie Dewees, OF, University of North Florida
2-70) Kyle Holder, SS, University of San Diego
3-104) Willie Calhoun, INF-OF, Yavapai JC
4-135) Garret Davila, LHP, North Carolina HS
COMMENT: The Angels farm system remains one of the weakest in the game and they are handicapped here by low draft positions. Dewees is a left-handed hitter with power and speed and could be something like a faster version of Kole Calhoun. Holder is an excellent gloveman but looks like something of an empty-batting average type without pop. Willie Calhoun (no relation to Kole), in contrast, is just 5-8 but slammed 31 homers at the JC level this year. His position is unclear but the bat is very promising. Davila is a projectable lefty arm with upside but could present a signability issue in the fourth round given his Tennessee scholarship.

1-20) Walker Buehler, RHP, Vanderbilt
2-63) Trey Cabbage, SS, Tennessee HS
3-97) Skye Bolt, OF, University of North Carolina
4-128) Kevin Kramer, SS, UCLA
COMMENT: I’d have to think the real Athletics would be intrigued with this. Buehler hasn’t been quite up to his past standards this spring but is still a clear first-rounder and good value here. Cabbage has a sweet swing and power potential but is likely a third baseman, which is OK; he should hit enough. Skye Bolt is not an air-launched ballistic missile from the Cold War but rather a toolsy outfielder who hasn’t lived up to expectations in college but still flashes power and speed. Funny thing: the GAM-87 Skybolt missile system didn't live up to expectations, either, not making use of its power/speed potential. Kramer looks like a super-utility type with a solid bat.

2-60) Kyle Cody, RHP, University of Kentucky
CBB-72) Mac Marshall, LHP, Chipola JC
3-94) Taylor Ward, C, Fresno State University
4-125) Stephen Duggar, OF, Clemson
COMMENT: No first rounder here, but Cody was viewed as one until an erratic spring so nabbing him in the second round could pay big dividends. Mac Marshall had nagging injuries this spring and could have gone higher than this, again he could be a nice value with just a slight rebound. Ward offers a strong glove but questions about his hitting, while Duggar is a prototype fourth outfielder. I’d imagine the Mariners minor league coaches would love working with a 6-7, 250 pound arm like Cody.

1-4) Dillon Tate, RHP, UC Santa Barbara
2-45) Jalen Miller, SS, Georgia HS
3-78) Jake Wofford, RHP, Florida HS
4-108) Jacob Taylor, RHP, Pearl River CC
COMMENT: Tate is an entirely reasonable selection given that he had a chance to go first overall until tiring down the stretch of the college season. We’re looking at a possible number two starter there, or a dominant closer if that plan fails. Taylor in the fourth round also offers high mound upside but is rather raw and will need time. The two preps offer defense and speed (Miller) and raw but impressive arm strength (Wofford). Other than Tate this draft won’t have quick results, but it does seem Rangery given past patterns.