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2016 Minor League Ball Community Mock Draft: Final Results

Here are the final results for the 2016 Minor League Ball Community MLB Mock Draft. Many thanks to everyone who participated, particularly Nick Melotte, Cookiedabookie, and Ctcyawni (who compiled the list in this format).

You can find the round-by-round commentary here

::1st Round:::
1 Philadelphia Phillies A.J. Puk, LHP, University of Florida
2 Cincinnati Reds Nick Senzel, 3B, University of Tennessee
3 Atlanta Braves Kyle Lewis, OF, Mercer University
4 Colorado Rockies Jason Groome, LHP, New Jersey HS
5 Milwaukee Brewers Riley Pint, RHP, Kansas HS
6 Oakland Athletics Corey Ray, OF, University of Louisville
7 Miami Marlins Braxton Garrett, LHP, Alabama HS
8 San Diego Padres Dakota Hudson, RHP, Mississippi State University
9 Detroit Tigers Zack Collins, C, University of Miami-Fl
10 Chicago White Sox Mickey Moniak, Of, California HS
11 Seattle Mariners Forest Whitley, RHP, Texas HS
12 Boston Red Sox Ian Anderson, RHP, New York HS
13 Tampa Bay Rays Blake Rutherford, OF, Califronia HS
14 Cleveland Indians Matt Manning, RHP, California HS
15 Minnesota Twins Matt Thaiss, C, University of Virginia
16 Los Angeles Angels Alex Kirilloff, OF, Pennsylvania HS
17 Houston Astros T.J. Zeuch, RHP, University of Pittsburgh
18 New York Yankees Nolan Jones, SS, Pennsylvania HS
19 New York Mets Will Craig, 3B, Wake Forest
20 Los Angeles Dodgers Delvin Perez, SS, Puerto Rico HS
21 Toronto Blue Jays Cal Quantrill, RHP, Stanford
22 Pittsburgh Pirates Josh Lowe, 3B, Georgia HS
23 St. Louis Cardinals Justin Dunn, RHP, Boston College
24 San Diego Padres Jordan Sheffield, RHP, Vanderbilt
25 San Diego Padres Joey Wentz, LHP, Kansas HS
26 Chicago White Sox Gavin Lux, SS, Wisconsin HS
27 Baltimore Orioles Eric Lauer, LHP, Kent State
28 Washington Nationals Taylor Trammell, OF, Georgia HS
29 Washington Nationals Carter Kieboom, INF, Georgia HS
30 Texas Rangers Will Benson, OF-1B, Georgia HS
31 New York Mets Kyle Muller, RHP, Texas HS
32 Los Angeles Dodgers Cody Sedlock, RHP, University of Illinois
33 St. Louis Cardinals Jared Horn, RHP, California HS
34 St. Louis Cardinals Zack Burdi, RHP, University of Louisville

:::Comp Round A:::
35 Cincinnati Reds Chris Okey, C, Clemson
36 Los Angeles Dodgers Robert Tyler, RHP, University of Georgia
37 Oakland Athletics Drew Mendoza, INF, Florida HS
38 Colorado Rockies Buddy Reed, OF, University of Florida
39 Arizona Diamondbacks Bryan Reynolds, OF, Vanderbilt
40 Atlanta Braves Kevin Gowdy, RHP, California HS
41 Pittsburgh Pirates Connor Jones, RHP, University of Virginia

:::2nd Round:::
42 Philadelphia Phillies Alec Hanson, RHP, University of Oklahoma
43 Cincinnati Reds Alex Speas, RHP, Georgia HS
44 Atlanta Braves Brandon Marsh, OF, Georgia HS
45 Colorado Rockies Dakota Mekkes, RHP, Michigan State University
46 Milwaukee Brewers Anfernee Grier, OF, Auburn University
47 Oakland Athletics Sean Murphy, C, Wright State University
48 San Diego Padres Joe Rizzo, 3B, Virginia HS
49 Chicago White Sox Anthony Kay, LHP, University of Connecticut
50 Seattle Mariners Daulton Jefferies, RHP, University of California
51 Boston Red Sox Logan Shore, RHP, University of Florida
52 Arizona Diamondbacks Cole Ragans, LHP, Florida HS
53 Tampa Bay Rays Heath Quinn, OF, Samford
54 Baltimore Orioles J.B. Woodman, OF, University of Mississippi
55 Cleveland Indians Will Smith, C, University of Louisville
56 Minnesota Twins Ronnie Dawson, OF, The Ohio State University
57 Toronto Blue Jays Ben Rortvelt, C, Wisconsin HS
58 Washington Nationals Jesus Luzardo, LHP, Florida HS
59 San Francisco Giants Corbin Burnes, RHP, St. Mary’s
60 Los Angeles Angels Sheldon Neuse, 3B, University of Oklahoma
61 Houston Astros Ben Bowden, LHP, Vanderbilt
62 New York Yankees Kyle Funkhouser, RHP, University of Louisville
63 Texas Rangers Cooper Johnson, C, Illinois HS
64 New York Mets Akil Baddo, OF, Georgia HS
65 Los Angeles Dodgers Hudson Sanchez, INF, Texas HS
66 Toronto Blue Jays Skyler Szynski, LHP, Indiana HS
67 Kansas City Royals Hunter Bishop, OF, California HS
68 Pittsburgh Pirates Bo Bichette, SS, Florida HS
69 Baltimore Orioles Zac Gallen, RHP, North Carolina
70 St. Louis Cardinals Cole Stobbe, INF, Nebraska

:::Comp Round B:::
71 San Diego Padres Lucas Ersig, 3B, Menlo College
72 Cleveland Indians Jon Duplantier, RHP, Rice
73 Minnesota Twins A.J. Puckett, RHP, Pepperdine
74 Minnesota Twins Nicholas Hanson, RHP, Minnesota HS
75 Milwaukee Brewers Matt Krook, LHP, University of Oregon
76 Atlanta Braves Austin Hays, OF, Jacksonville
77 Tampa Bay Rays Dane Dunning, RHP, Florida

:::3rd Round:::
78 Philadelphia Phillies Logan Ice, C, Oregon State University
79 Cincinnati Reds Nonie Williams, SS, Kansas HS
80 Atlanta Braves Matthias Deitz, RHP, John H. Logan JC
81 Colorado Rockies Braden Webb, RHP, South Carolina
82 Milwaukee Brewers Nick Lodolo, LHP, California HS
83 Oakland Athletics Bryson Brigman, SS, San Diego
84 Miami Marlins Thomas Jones, OF, South Carolina HS
85 San Diego Padres Jake Fraley, OF, LSU
86 Chicago White Sox Jeff Belge, LHP, New York HS
87 Seattle Mariners Keegan Akin, LHP, Western Michigan
88 Boston Red Sox Nick Banks, OF, Texas A&M
89 Arizona Diamondbacks Conner Capel, OF, Texas HS
90 Tampa Bay Rays Zach Linginfelter RHP, Tennessee HS
91 Baltimore Orioles Brett Cumberland, C, California
92 Cleveland Indians Ryan Zeferjahn, RHP, Kansas HS
93 Minnesota Twins Mario Feliciano, C, Puerto Rico HS
94 Washington Nationals Nick Solak, 2B, Louisville
95 San Francisco Giants Ryan Boldt, OF, Nebraska
96 Los Angeles Angels Jameson Fisher, OF-1B, SE Louisiana
97 Houston Astros Reggie Lawson, RHP, California HS
98 New York Yankees Nolan Martinez, RHP, California HS
99 Texas Rangers Michael Shawaryn, RHP, Maryland
100 New York Mets Tyson Miller, RHP, California Baptist
101 Los Angeles Dodgers Kep Brown, OF, Spartanburg Methodist JC
102 Toronto Blue Jays Kyle Cody, RHP, Kentucky
103 Kansas City Royals Luis Curbelo, 3B, Puerto Rico HS
104 Chicago Cubs Zach Hess, RHP, Virginia HS
105 Pittsburgh Pirates Jake Rogers, C, Tulane
106 St. Louis Cardinals Pete Alonso, 1B, Florida

:::4th Round:::
107 Philadelphia Phillies Mason Thompson, RHP, Texas HS
108 Cincinnati Reds Griffin Jax, RHP, Air Force
109 Atlanta Braves Bobby Dalbec, 3B-RHP, Arizona
110 Colorado Rockies Zach Jackson, RHP, Arkansas
111 Milwaukee Brewers Nick Quintana, INF, Nevada HS
112 Oakland Athletics Zack Brown, RHP, Kentucky
113 Miami Marlins C.J. Chatham, SS, Florida Atlantic
114 San Diego Padres Bailey Clark, RHP, Duke
115 Detroit Tigers David Martinelli, OF, Dallas Baptist
116 Chicago White Sox Caros Cortes, INF, Florida HS
117 Seattle Mariners Mitchell White, RHP, Santa Clara
118 Boston Red Sox Cole Irvin, LHP, Oregon
119 Arizona Diamondbacks Thomas Hatch, RHP, Oklahoma State
120 Tampa Bay Rays Errol Robinson, SS, Mississippi
121 Baltimore Orioles Jordan Balazovic, RHP, Canada HS
122 Cleveland Indians Tyler Fitzgerald, SS, Illinois HS
123 Minnesota Twins Curtis Taylor, RHP, University of British Columbia
124 Washington Nationals Lake Bachar, RHP, Wisconsin=Whitewater
125 San Francisco Giants Chad Hockin, RHP, Cal State Fullerton
126 Los Angeles Angels Ryan January, C, San Jacinto JC
127 Houston Astros Colby Woodmansee, INF, Arizona State
128 New York Yankees Jeremy Martinez, C, Southern Cal
129 Texas Rangers Logan Gray, INF, Austin Peay
130 New York Mets Jo Jo Romero, LHP, Yavapai JC
131 Los Angeles Dodgers Mark Ecker, RHP, Texas A&M
132 Toronto Blue Jays Cameron Vieaux, LHP, Michigan State
133 Kansas City Royals Walker Robbins, 1B, Mississippi HS
134 Chicago Cubs Shaun Anderson, RHP, Florida
135 Pittsburgh Pirates Adam Laskey, LHP, New Jersey HS
136 St. Louis Cardinals Max Guzman, 3B, Florida HS