The Cubs have provided a blueprint for the Mets to adopt this offseason


The Chicago Cubs have defied expectations this season by securing a spot in the NL playoffs. Initially, no one anticipated them surpassing teams like the San Diego Padres or even our own New York Mets. Nevertheless, they have climbed their way up the standings. Their offseason acquisitions, including Dansby Swanson and Jameson Taillon, were significant, but their standout move was signing former MVP Cody Bellinger, who was coming off a disappointing season. The New York Mets could take a valuable lesson from the Cubs, especially in light of their trade deadline activity. While the Cubs may not be considered a dominant force in the National League, they deserve credit for their proactive approach in 2021, where they sold off numerous key players. They didn't prolong the sell-off any longer than necessary. In 2022, they continued to act as trade deadline sellers, but their moves resembled those of a true contender making pre-winter transactions.

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