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You’re the GM! Oakland Athletics edition

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Keep pace with the Astros. . .

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Oakland Athletics John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

More American League Western division discussion: You’re the GM! of the Oakland Athletics.

****You awake from your nap and find that you are now the GM of the Oakland Athletics, 90-60 and four games behind the Houston Astros in the division standings.

****What’s your plan to keep pace in 2019 and beyond? Which young players do you commit the most to?

****What does the immediate future hold for Franklin Barreto and Ramon Laureano in your view? What about Dustin Fowler?

****Are you happy with the farm system at present?

****Bob Melvin is in his eighth year as manager with one year left on his contract. Is it time to think about who leads the next dugout regime?