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2018 MLB Draft: Jordan Groshans, 3B, Magnolia, Texas

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Power bat and overall athleticism could fit well at third base

The 2018 MLB Draft is four hours away and we’re continuing to push player profiles out the door, this time with a look at Jordan Groshans, a high school shortstop/third baseman from Magnolia, Texas.

Groshans has been well-known on the showcase circuit for some time and has stood out for his right-handed power, very much demonstrated in the videos linked below. Despite this he seems to be lost in the shuffle a little bit when the 2018 draft is discussed or when mock drafts are written. I think that’s a mistake and one that teams themselves aren’t likely to make.

Listed at 6-4, 190, Groshans was born November 10th, 1999. Power is his best raw tool, generally receiving 55-60 grades although that actually might be an under-estimate. He gets to his power in games more often than many young hitters. His pure hitting skills and pitch discipline have reportedly improved this spring and he’s got a chance to be a complete hitter down the line.

Groshans plays shortstop in high school but as a pro he’ll likely move to third base. Like his power, his arm gets 55-60 grades and it should work at third base. His overall athleticism is solid, he runs pretty well, and I think it a good bet that he’ll be an asset at third. His makeup is another positive and with a November birthday he’s not one of the older preps in the class.

Groshans is committed to the University of Kansas where his brother Jaxx is a catcher and a solid prospect for the 2019 draft. Jordan is generally mocked in the supplemental or second round but it would not surprise me to see him go earlier than that.

Baseball Factory video

Perfect Game video from last summer