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2018 MLB Draft: Anthony Seigler, C, Cartersville, Georgia

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An ambidextrous catcher for the 2018 draft

We have a few more 2018 MLB Draft profiles to post before the draft itself gets underway this evening, starting with unique catcher Anthony Seigler.

In my 50 years of life I’ve known just one truly ambidextrous person, my grandmother Olga. She was a remarkable person in many ways, fluent in English and Arabic and Greek. She lived until she was 102 and was independent until the last week of her life. She was also completely ambidextrous, able to do anything with either hand including write in multiple languages.

I don’t know if Anthony Seigler can write with both hands but he can do just about everything from both the left and right sides, including play baseball.

A high school catcher from Cartersville, Georgia, Seigler is a switch-hitter and switch-thrower born June 20, 1999 and listed at 5-11, 200. As you can imagine he is a very good natural athlete, well-coordinated with quick hands. He shows slightly above-average arm strength with both arms and while he needs more experience, he should be a very good defensive catcher in time.

He’s athletic enough to be a second or third baseman if catching doesn’t work out for some reason but overall there are no real doubts about his ability to stay behind the plate.

As a hitter Seigler has a line drive stroke from both sides. He’ll show occasional flashes of power, though I think his pure hitting skills are more impressive than his long-term home run projection. The biggest issue is simply the fact that he’s a catcher and catchers often don’t develop as expected offensively due to the strains of the position.

Seigler is a University of Florida commit. He has late helium and there’s talk he can get into the first round, perhaps being the first high school backstop off the board. Unless his bonus demands are outrageous it seems unlikely that he’ll get to college.

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