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2018 MLB Draft: Xavier Edwards, SS, Coconut Creek, Florida

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Speed demon shortstop looks for first round slot

The 2018 MLB Draft is almost here but we’ll continue pushing out profiles for potential first-rounders as long as my coffee maker is working. Next up: Xavier Edwards, high school shortstop from Coconut Creek, Florida.

Edwards was born August 9th, 1999. Attending North Broward Prep, he is a plus-makeup, high-intelligence player committed to Vanderbilt and will probably have to go on day one of the draft to pass up college.

He has the tools to do so, beginning with blazing speed, 70-grade at least with some 80-grades. This isn’t just pure speed: he knows how to use properly and could be a truly devastating baserunner, an ideal leadoff hitter if he gets on base enough.

A switch-hitter, Edwards shows a consistent contact-oriented swing and good feel for the strike zone. While he doesn’t have the frame of a power hitter at 5-10, 155, he has some wiry strength and should hit a reasonable number of doubles and triples. The only real lack in Edwards’ offensive game is home run projection.

Edwards shines on defense. Although his arm is just average in terms of strength, it is accurate and he has a quick release. His range is excellent at shortstop and his instincts should allow him to remain there. I think there’s every reason to be confident in his glove.

As for where he falls, Edwards rates anywhere from the 20s to the 40s on outsider draft boards. Real teams are known to covet his speed and defense and if his bonus demands are reasonable he could fit into the back half of the first round.

If he were three inches taller and had a larger frame, he’d be a top ten pick.

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