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Thoughts on Braves prospects, draft picks and... Star Wars?

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Check out this week’s Platinum Sombrero podcast, where I talk some Braves and Star Wars.

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Oakland Athletics Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Braves are ahead of schedule at the big league level. The slew of baseball’s best prospects are starting to pay dividends, but the Braves are still showing depth in the minor leagues. The Rome Braves won the South Atlantic League first half, clinching a playoff spot at the end of the season, with some of the more promising bats and pitchers in the system.

The Braves depth doesn’t look to end there either. A strong MLB Draft saw the Braves stray a bit from their plan the past few years going with eight college picks in their first nine selections. Greyson Jenista from Wichita State (Round 2) and Tristan Beck out of Stanford (Round 4) could very well turn out to be steals as both have first round talent. The Braves, on the success of All Star Bruce Zimmerman, scoured the DII level as well and found some very nice pieces.

So, with prospect depth and a first place perch at the big league level, will the Braves be buyers or sellers at the deadline? Do they have a real chance to make a run if they get the right pieces, and what pieces are those?

More importantly, just who is your favorite Ninja Turtle and how do you feel about the Star Wars stories and spinoffs being put on hold? Is it admitted failure, or is it righting a ship that has gone somewhat wrong?

I discussed all this and more with Talking Chop’s Doc Herbert and Dylan Short on this week’s Platinum Sombrero podcast.