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2018 Minor League Ball Community Mock Draft: Round Two

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Follow along with each choice

War Room 4

Round Two of the 2018 Minor League Ball Community Mock Draft:

44. Tigers Griffin Conine, OF, Duke
45. Giants Grayson Rodriguez, RHP, Texas HS
46. White Sox Alek Thomas, OF, Illinois HS
47. Reds Tristan Pompey, OF, Kentucky
48. Mets Mike Siani, OF, Pennsylvania HS
49. Braves Gunnar Hoglund, RHP, Florida HS
50. Athletics Dan Lynch, LHP, University of Virginia
51. Pirates Sean Hjelle, RHP, University of Kentucky
52. Jays Griffin Roberts, RHP, Wake Forest
53. Marlins Jordyn Adams, OF, North Carolina HS
54. Mariners Seth Beer, OF-1B, Clemson University
55. Rangers Kris Bubic, LHP, Stanford University
56. Rays Zach Watson, OF, LSU
57. Angels Parker Meadows, OF, Florida HS
58. Royals Tristan Beck, RHP, Stanford
59. Twins Richie Palacios, SS, Towson
60. Brewers Jonathan Ornelas, SS, Arizona HS
61. Yankees Orisis Johnson, SS, California HS
62. Cubs Steele Walker, OF, Oklahoma
63. Diamondbacks Jameson Hannah, OF, Dallas Baptist
64. Red Sox Grant Lavigne, 1B, New Hampshire HS
65. Nationals Grant Little, OF/INF, Texas Tech
66. Astros Tim Cate, LHP, University of Connecticut
67. Indians Dashawn Keirsey, OF, Utah
68. Dodgers Dylan Coleman, RHP, Missouri State University


69. Marlins Drew Rasmussen, RHP, Oregon State
70. Athletics Joe Gray, OF, Mississippi HS
71. Rays Hugh Smith, RHP, Whitworth College
72. Reds Garrett Wade, LHP, Alabama HS
73. Brewers Nander De Sedas, SS, Florida HS
74. Padres (from Twins in Phil Hughes trade) Zack Hess, RHP, LSU


75. Cardinals (compensation for losing Lance Lynn) Nick Northcut, 3B, Ohio HS
76. Rockies (compensation for losing Greg Holland): Tyler Frank, SS, Florida Atlantic
77. Cubs (compensation for losing Wade Davis) Konnor Pilkington, LHP, Mississippi State
78. Cubs (compensation for losing Jake Arrieta) Tanner Dodson, RHP, California